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One month of Un-dieting

One month ago today I made the conscious decision to remove dieting from my life once and for all. A big decision for me as recently I’ve come to realize that I’m a chronic dieter. I’ve been a chronic dieter for all of my adult life and sadly, for most of my teen life too. 

For those who don’t know what chronic dieting is, it’s an eating disorder of sorts, that causes individuals who suffer from it to either always be dieting or, to be yo-yo-ing back and forth from dieting and living an unhealthy binging lifestyle. 

The first thing I needed to do in order to train myself to stop the cycle was to stop weighing myself entirely. That was the hardest and I’m still struggling with it every day. The second thing I needed to do was to teach myself to eat healthy even though I wasn’t weighing myself. That wasn’t as difficult because I actually enjoy eating healthy now and can’t really eat unhealthy meal after unhealthy meal anymore without feeling it in my mood as well as feeling the sluggishness in my body. I guess you could say that I’m much more mindful about what food does to me now and that helps me make better choices. 

Another thing I’ve done is increase my protein intake and I’ve done that for two important reasons: (1) I’m muscle building and protein is essential for building strong and healthy muscles; and (2) protein keeps me fuller longer which, during busy work days, comes in handy. I’ve also learned about the importance of complex carbohydrates for MY body type and what kinds of macronutrients I should be putting more emphasis on in my diet. All this information I’ve been learning has been exciting and eye-opening for me because it truly is not about the weight anymore. It’s about feeling good and fitting my clothes comfortably and being happy with my food decisions. 

Because I don’t want to feel bad about how far I’ve come anymore. I don’t want to be beating myself up over those 15 final pounds I’ve led myself to believe makes all the difference. How much I’ve transformed in the last year and a half is amazing and should be celebrated. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself about not reaching a perceived idea of what I deemed to be an ideal weight. HEALTH ISN’T A NUMBER. It’s being able to live your life to the fullest; it’s loving yourself unconditionally; and it’s freeing yourself from anything that holds you down. HEALTH IS HAPPINESS!