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What’s in my Gym Bag

Just because I’m feeling random today I’ve decided to share what it is I have in my gym bag on any given workout day. The contents rarely varies as I’m a pure creature of habit so here it is, in all it’s gym bag glory!

A Water bottle (24oz)

This is the bottle I am using currently. It has the company logo I’m working for and it’s a pretty decent bottle. It fits on all the cup holders at the gym and has a straw which is a huge bonus for me because i tend to drink more water with a straw, though I’m not really sure why. I make sure I drink all 24 oz before I leave the gym.


Saucony sneakers are the only type of sneaker I buy anymore. They are beyond amazing and the Everrun line is so lightweight it’s like you aren’t even wearing anything at all.

Bluetooth Headphones

I got these Cylo Cobra Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds in my fall FabFitFun box last year. I’d been putting off buying a pair so I was super excited to find them. And let me tell you, bluetooth headphones are sooooo much better than regular headphones while working out at the gym. I cannot stress this enough. Get a pair, you won’t regret it.

Facial Mist

For post workout skin hydration I use Garnier Skinactive Hydrating Facial Mist. Because I don’t take a shower till I get home and because my face barely perspires during my workouts, I use this spray to help keep it hydrated till I can get home to give myself a good wash. Additionally, this is also really great to use on your face post shower too.

Hand Sanitizer

I feel like this one is kind of self explanatory. My immune system took a few months to get adjusted to the new cluster of germs found in a gym. I sanitize my hands frequently while there and as I’m leaving. President’s Choice has some really nice smelling ones if you aren’t near a Bath & Bodyworks.

Ankle Brace

I don’t always need a brace but there are some days when one of my ankles doesn’t want to cooperate with me (long story involving a bad car accident in my teens) On those days I use a standard elastic ankle brace that can be found at pretty much any drug store.

Protein Bar

The type of bar I bring with me varies from each visit but these are two of my favourites. I tend to stick to high protein, high fats, low carbs when it comes to choosing a protein bar. I also like keeping with natural healthy ingredients I can pronounce.