Say When

(Misfits #2)

Formally known as Say When (Markson Grove #2)

Emilia Davenport and Oliver Paxton have always had a unique kind of love. It blossomed during childhood and has only grown stronger through the years. They thought they were indestructible, so they promised each other forever.

When someone they trust rips their world apart unexpectedly, both Emmy and Ollie desperately attempt to salvage what’s left of their once unwavering love. What remains is nothing like it used to be – it’s dark and hateful and broken beyond repair.

A new start at Hudson University is exactly what they need, but new friendships prove to hinder rather than fix. Forever just might not be a part of their equation anymore.

Maybe love isn’t enough. Maybe it never was.

*Markson Grove edition discontinued. Paperback copies available upon request. (see form below) 

*Misfits edition set to release sometime in 2018.